IBM and Workplace Pride collaborate in LGBTIQ+ innovation

Although LGBTIQ+ people are protected by laws addressing employment and other forms of discrimination in a growing proportion of countries, there remain far too many LGBTIQ+ people around the globe whose rights are not protected. In many countries, LGBTIQ+ citizens are breaking laws just by being themselves. Even in legally progressive nations, many LGBTIQ+ people still feel that they cannot reveal their authentic identity in many professional, academic, and social settings.

To continue advancing inclusion and belonging for the full spectrum of the LGBTIQ+ community at work, home, and society at large, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) is collaborating with Workplace Pride, and Out & Equal to host a Global LGBTIQ+ Innovation Jam.

Registration will open on 29 March here.

Starting at 8am ET on Tuesday, April 13th and running continuously through until 5pm ET on Wednesday, April 14th, the Jam is a virtual, text-based event where thousands of business leaders; D&I experts; academics; and other allies will come together to explore the solutions to the barriers that still slow the advancement of LGBTIQ+ individuals in the workplace.

The Global LGBTIQ+ Innovation Jam is an open and inclusive forum for discussion and sharing around 7 important themes:

  1. Corporate & individual championship
  2. LGBT+ intersectionality
  3. Mental health
  4. Transgender and non-binary belonging
  5. Allyship
  6. Visibility and development
  7. Impact of technology

Register for the Global LGBT+ Innovation Jam and join the discussion – for a few minutes or for all 33 hours! Input from Jammers will be analyzed by IBM’s proprietary Innovation Jam® AI-enabled technology and the results may be used to inform an upcoming LGBT+ Leadership study that is being published in celebration of Pride Month in June.