Website Update!

3 April 2020

Welcome to the new and improved Workplace Pride Foundation website. In our ongoing efforts to be more effective for our members and stakeholders, the Foundation website has been made more user-friendly with simpler navigation and clearer terminology. Here you will find the most important information you need to know about Workplace Pride’s activities around the world. 

With future developments firmly in mind, this update includes a more intuitive search function, an expanded media category, and an easy to use activities calendar. Our products and services are grouped under the menu item, ’Solutions’ while an overview of our current members and information about joining the Foundation can be found under ‘Members’.

We are also very excited about our new password protected section on the website dedicated exclusively to our members. This section is still in development, but is expected to be launched within two weeks. It will include:

  • A wealth of resources on LGBTI workplace inclusion proceed and gathered by the Foundation over the years
  • The Workplace Pride Toolkit for the UN Standards on LGBTI Business Conduct
  • Members’ forums dedicated to specific topics
  • Exclusive information about the Global Benchmark and Employee Survey, and
  • The possibility to be part of the Workplace Pride contact directory

The Members Section will be updated on a regular basis and will be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for timely communications with our members. 

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to be clear and concise about the priorities for the LGBTI community in the workplace and with all of our supporters and allies around the world. This website takes us all a step in that direction!

Best regards,

David Pollard

Executive director

Workplace Pride Foundation

Exciting Opportunity: Join the Board of Young@Workplace Pride!

Are you a dynamic individual aged 18-35, employed by a Workplace Pride member, and deeply committed to advancing LGBTIQ+ inclusion in professional environments? Young@Workplace Pride invites you to join our team as a Board Member! Please note that this is a voluntary position.

Young@Workplace Pride is a vibrant community within Workplace Pride dedicated to empowering young LGBTIQ+ professionals. Through a series of engaging events and initiatives, we foster connection and provide crucial support to individuals navigating their authentic selves within workplace settings.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Participate in approximately half an hour of board-related activities per week, with additional engagement during event periods.
  • Contribute to the organization and execution of events, fostering an inclusive environment for all participants.
  • Facilitate our mentorship program, offering guidance and support to fellow young professionals.
  • Leverage networking opportunities to enhance personal and professional growth.

Why Join Us?

As a Board Member, you’ll gain invaluable experience in event coordination, mentorship facilitation, and networking within the LGBTIQ+ professional community. This role offers a platform to make a tangible impact on workplace inclusion while honing your leadership skills.

How to Apply:

If you’re passionate about driving positive change and possess relevant experience, we encourage you to submit a brief motivation to [email protected]. Share why you’re motivated to join our board, outline your relevant skills and perspectives, and highlight how you’ll contribute to our mission.

Deadline for Applications: March 4th, 2024.

Please note that this is a voluntary position. Learn more about Young@Workplace Pride at We eagerly anticipate your application!

Workplace Pride Launches the 2024 Global Benchmark

Date: February 01 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Workplace Pride proudly announces the launch of the Global Benchmark 2024, a pioneering tool created to gauge LGBTIQ+ policies and practices among active employers. Since its inception in 2014, the Global Benchmark has served as an indispensable resource for organisations. It navigates the complexities of implementing global Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and LGBTIQ+ policies, especially in regions where legal frameworks or cultural norms present challenges.

Register for the 2024 Global Benchmark today!

For any further questions, please refer to our Global Benchmark FAQ page here.

The Global Benchmark offers participants:

Customised Overview: Delivers individual, tailor-made insights into organizations’ LGBTIQ+ policies and practices.

Practical Improvements: Provides actionable suggestions for enhancing policies and practices.

Peer Comparison: Highlights how organizations compare with their peers in the industry.

Recognition: Awards a prestigious “Workplace Pride Global Benchmark Endorsement” to top-scoring organizations.

International Standard: Emerges as the premier measurement tool for evaluating LGBTIQ+ policies and practices for globally active employers.

Individual Results:

Submit your entry, and by the end of June, receive a personalised report with specific recommendations for improvement. This exclusive service is complimentary for Workplace Pride members.

Registration is free of charge for all Workplace Pride members.

Non-members can participate by paying an administrative fee of €3000.- (excluding VAT). The Global Benchmark 2024 opens its doors today,  February 1, 2024, and the submission period closes on April 20, 2024.

Seize this opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse workplace environment. Register today to be part of the movement driving positive change.
For more information and to register, visit Global Benchmark 2024


Amsterdam, January 30, 2024 – The Workplace Pride Foundation is pleased to share the success of the Annual Members Meeting and New Year’s Reception, which took place on Thursday, January 25th, 2024, at the EDGE Amsterdam West. The event was hosted by Workplace Pride Partner APG and Member Intertrust Group, a CSC Company, at their EDGE West location in Amsterdam. Exclusive to Workplace Pride members, the meeting provided a comprehensive overview of the Foundation’s achievements in 2023 and outlined exciting plans for the upcoming year, 2024.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-30 at 14.56.23
Annual Members Meeting and New Year’s Reception

The Annual Members Meeting served as a dynamic platform for members to engage in a vibrant exchange, commemorating the Foundation’s successes over the past year. The meeting showcased a detailed overview of initiatives, accomplishments, and impactful work carried out in 2023. Additionally, the Foundation unveiled ambitious plans and projects scheduled for 2024, fostering a sense of shared commitment among attendees.

David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride Foundation, expressed gratitude for the active participation:

“A heartfelt thank you to APG and CSC-Intertrust for graciously hosting our Annual Members Meeting and  New Year’s reception in their unique offices! It was a delight to present the Foundation to both our longstanding and new members, experiencing that shared sense of mission we all hold dear. The future, where LGBTIQ+ individuals can authentically be themselves at work, is a collective effort, and we are much stronger together.”

Exploring the Human Side of AI During Transgender Awareness Week

November 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Trans+@Workplace Pride and Tech@Workplace Pride recently collaborated to host a thought-provoking event at Workplace Pride Member Google Nederland, focusing on the human side of artificial intelligence (AI) during Transgender Awareness Week.

Transgender Awareness Week, observed from November 13 to November 19, aims to enhance the visibility of transgender individuals and raise awareness about the challenges faced by this community. To contribute to this cause, Trans+@Workplace Pride and Tech@Workplace Pride organised a compelling session on the impact of AI on marginalised groups, with a special focus on the transgender community.

The event, held on November 16, brought together approximately 70 individuals in person and 95 online, eager to delve into the complexities of AI and its intersection with social issues. The theme, “The Human Side of AI,” featured distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights.

Key Speakers and Topics:

Dr. Jasmijn Bastings (she/they) – Senior Research Scientist, Google DeepMind

Dr. Jasmijn Bastings (she/they), holds a PhD and MSc in AI from the University of Amsterdam, and a BSc in AI with a linguistics minor from Utrecht University. With expertise in AI and natural language processing, Jasmijn has contributed to various areas, such as automatic translation (e.g., Joey NMT) and explainability (e.g., the Language Interpretability Tool). Jasmijn led a discussion on fostering inclusivity and gender fairness in AI, especially in language technology.

   Link to the presentation

Danny Belitz (he/him) – Senior Data Scientist and Senior Consultant for Responsible AI, IBM

As the second speaker, Danny Belitz (he/him) serves as an active advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In his role as a Senior Data Scientist and Senior Consultant for Advanced Analytics & Responsible AI at IBM, Danny shared valuable insights during the event. He emphasised a human-centred approach in technological solutions by integrating Responsible AI at the core and applying best practices from the design phase onward. With expertise in conversational design and data storytelling, Danny contributes to making AI more trustworthy, focusing on enhanced explainability, transparency, and equity.

   Link to the presentation

Marion Mulder (she/her) – FutureMaker and Digital Strategist, MuldiMedia

Marion Mulder (she/her), discussed the concept of simplifying and improving technologies for a more enjoyable and human-focused experience. Actively engaged in shaping a world aligned with her vision, Marion advocates for “Making Digital Technology Work For You.” Holding board positions at diversity organisations, including the Gaykrant and Workplace Pride (co-founder), Marion serves as a speaker on topics like GenderFreeTech, InclusiveTech, and AI ethics. In her daily work across diverse digital roles and projects, she finds joy in assisting individuals and organisations in embracing and leveraging digital technology.

   Link to the presentation

Event Highlights:

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session, addressing questions about the challenges and dangers posed by AI in our daily lives. A festive buffet provided by Google Netherlands and the Trans+ and Tech@Workplace Pride Community allowed participants to network and reflect on the insightful discussions.

Trans+@Workplace Pride and Tech@Workplace Pride extend their gratitude to the speakers, participants, and Google Netherlands for their support in making this event a success.

Workplace Pride Expresses Deep Concern Over Russia’s Supreme Court Ruling

Workplace Pride, dedicated to fostering inclusive workplaces globally, expresses profound concern over Russia’s Supreme Court designating LGBT activists as “extremists.” This decision poses a significant threat to the safety, well-being, and professional lives of LGBTIQ+ individuals in the region.

The endorsement of the justice ministry’s request to ban the “international LGBT social movement” reflects an alarming trend in Russia, marked by increasing restrictions on expressions of sexual orientation and gender identity, including laws prohibiting the promotion of “non-traditional” relations and limiting legal or medical changes of gender.

President Vladimir Putin’s portrayal of Russia as a defender of traditional moral values, coupled with the suppression of diverse voices, underscores the challenging environment faced by the LGBTIQ+ community.

This ruling raises serious concerns about the protection of fundamental rights for LGBTIQ+ individuals in Russia. Workplace Pride stands in solidarity with the global community in condemning the suppression of their rights, advocating for a world where diversity is embraced and celebrated.

The ruling contributes to the distressing list of over 100 groups labelled as “extremist” in Russia, heightening concerns about potential arrests within the LGBTIQ+ community. The ambiguity surrounding the court’s definition of the “LGBT movement” leaves room for misuse, further jeopardising the rights and safety of the community.

“From our own experience in Russia, and other countries around the world, we know that inclusive workplaces for LGBTIQ+ people foster economic growth, both for businesses and the countries they invest in.” said David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride Foundation. “For this reason, we call on our members and all other international leaders, businesses, and organisations to join us in condemning this ruling. We urge Russian authorities to reconsider and prioritise the protection of the rights and well-being of their LGBTIQ+ citizens who make such a rich and useful contribution to Russian society.”

Workplace Pride represents more than 120 multinationals, governments and academic institutions who employee millions of individuals globally. The Foundation is active around the world in promoting LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion and creating workplaces where everyone can truly be themselves. 

David Pollard

Executive Director 

Workplace Pride

Workplace Pride Affirms Commitment to Inclusivity by Signing #WorkingPositively Pledge

Country General Manager IBM Johan Heij,  Kyra Keybets, Director of Staff at the Social and Economic Council, and David Pollard Executive Director Workplace Pride

Workplace Pride has reaffirmed its dedication to creating inclusive environments by signing the #WorkingPositively Pledge. Spearheaded by Workplace Pride Member IBM in the Netherlands, this initiative encourages employers to be role models in supporting individuals with HIV and chronic illnesses.

Prominent Workplace Pride members, including ING, Shell, Unilever, KLM, Booking, and Rijksoverheid, have joined the #WorkingPositively initiative, reflecting a shared commitment to fostering diverse and supportive workplaces. This pledge underscores Workplace Pride’s ongoing efforts to champion inclusivity, emphasising the importance of prioritising the health, dignity, and rights of every individual in the workforce.

The initiative, part of the international Working Positively movement, aims to create a stigma-free, respectful, safe, and inclusive work environment for people with HIV and other chronic conditions. On World AIDS Day, Workplace Pride members proudly shared their commitment, marking the 35th commemoration of the day with the theme “Remember and Commit.”

David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride, signed the #WorkingPositively declaration on behalf of Workplace Pride Foundation, emphasising the importance of a more inclusive working environment. 

Companies are encouraged to join #WorkingPositively Netherlands and sign the declaration to contribute to a stigma-free work environment for individuals living with HIV and other chronic conditions. More information can be found

#WorkplacePride #WorldAidsDay #WorkingPositively #InclusiveIBM #Aids #Inclusion

ING’s Rainbow Lions Roar Loud: Celebrating 20 Years of LGBTIQ+ Empowerment and Progress!

GALA, ING’s Pioneering LGBTIQ+ Employee Network, Marks Two Decades of Impactful Advocacy

November 16, Amsterdam: In a vibrant and heartwarming celebration, ING’s Rainbow Lions, formerly known as GALA (Gay and Lesbian Association), commemorated two decades of relentless dedication to LGBTIQ+ empowerment and workplace inclusion. The event united founders, including David Pollard, Executive Director of Workplace Pride, along with chairs and supporters from both the past and present. Together, they reflected on the remarkable journey of being ‘out’ in the workplace and envisioned the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Reflecting on Progress

The event was a poignant moment to reflect on the early challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ individuals in the workplace and the incredible strides made over the past 20 years. The founders and chairs shared anecdotes of the network’s inception and the hurdles overcome to establish one of Europe’s first LGBTIQ+ employee networks. From those initial challenges to becoming an influential force advocating diversity, inclusion, and belonging, the Rainbow Lions have played a pivotal role in shaping a more tolerant and accepting work environment, both inside and outside of ING.

ING Group Executive Board’s Endorsement

Andrew Bester, Head of Wholesale Banking and sponsor and supporter from the ING Group Executive Board underscored the enduring significance of the LGBTIQ+ community within ING, emphasising its role as a vital and integral part of the organisation. He acknowledged the strides made and reaffirmed the commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Expanding Horizons

From its humble beginnings, the Rainbow Lions have expanded their influence across various ING countries, becoming a symbol of diversity and progress. The network’s commitment to fostering an environment where individuals can be their authentic selves has resonated, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the organisation.


Looking Forward

As the Rainbow Lions celebrate two decades of progress, the event also served as a platform to discuss the future challenges that the LGBTIQ+ community still faces. Participants engaged in conversations about the ongoing work needed to address these challenges and continue the journey towards true equality.


The 20th-anniversary celebration of ING’s Rainbow Lions was a testament to the power of advocacy, resilience, and the enduring spirit of the LGBTQI+ community. Cheers resonated throughout the event, echoing the collective pride in the progress made and the determination to continue the journey towards a more inclusive and accepting future. 🌈🦁🎉

David Pollard, Marion Mulder, Martha McDevitt-Pugh, Dimitri Elve, Ezra Clarke, Francesco D’Argento, Kim L.

#INGRainbowLions #20YearsStrong #RainbowLions20 #INGGala #WorkplacePride #DiversityandInclusion

2023 Workplace Pride Impact Awards Gala Celebrates Champions of Equality and Inclusivity

Organisations Worldwide Recognised for Commitment to LGBTIQ+ Cause in Record-breaking Gala Event at Amsterdam’s Maritime Museum

Amsterdam, November 3, 2023 – The 2023 Workplace Pride Impact Awards Gala began in style as the renowned Belgian singer-songwriter and Eurovision sensation, Gustaph, took the stage to open the highly anticipated event. The talented artist represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom, with his captivating performance of the song “Because of You,” which he sang to over 400 members of Workplace Pride at the Het Scheepvaart Museum (The Dutch National Maritime Museum).

Gustaph’s electrifying presence and musical prowess set the tone for an evening dedicated to celebrating and honouring individuals and organisations committed to the cause of diversity and inclusivity, especially in support of the LGBTIQ+ community. This was the 10th anniversary of the Workplace Pride Impact Awards Gala.

View the 2023 Workplace Pride Awards Gala Photos here!

The Winners:

Network of the Year Impact Award – Accenture
Accenture’s Global Pride network was acknowledged for empowering employees to lead local change, promoting policy transformations, fostering a sense of belonging, and establishing a visible presence within and beyond their corporate spaces. Their Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) creates an inclusive atmosphere and serves as a valuable resource, offering proactive feedback and ideas to enhance global initiatives.

Volunteer of the Year Impact Award – Razvan Bran (He/Him) – Lenovo
Razvan Bran, from Lenovo in Romania, was recognised for his exemplary dedication to fostering LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion. He led workshops, volunteer activities, and advocacy efforts to educate Lenovo employees and the broader community about diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly with regard to LGBTIQ+ issues.

Media Outreach of the Year Impact AwardShell India Mobility “We are Human, First”
Shell India Mobility was commended for its bold media campaign in India, aimed at breaking the stigma surrounding the queer community. The campaign highlighted Shell as an equal opportunity employer, raising awareness of the challenges faced by the transgender community in Indian society and advocating for their acceptance and inclusion.

Ally of the Year Impact Award – Terhi Kivinen (She/Her) – Kemira
Terhi Kivinen, Chief Communications Officer at Kemira, was honoured for her extraordinary dedication as a founding sponsor and executive sponsor, advancing LGBTIQ+ inclusion within her organisation. Her active participation in Pride events, support for LGBTIQ+ employees, and consistent championing of diversity in leadership set a remarkable standard for allyship.

Role Model of the Year Impact Award – Janet Visbeen (She/Her) – PwC
Janet Visbeen, a partner at PwC Nederland, was celebrated for her impressive career and openness about her sexuality. She has been a role model, actively supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion, setting up networks, and promoting self-identification within PwC.

Members’ Choice – Game Changer of the Year Award Helen Demosthenous (She/Her) – KLM
Helen Demosthenous of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was nominated for her tireless energy and commitment to diversity and inclusion. She actively promotes D&I within KLM and has been fearless in advocating for equity and respect, challenging the status quo.

Global Benchmark Results:
The benchmark results for 2023 showcased the evolving landscape, with organisations increasingly responsive to societal changes and the needs of the LGBTIQ+ community. The Adovocates included Unilever, Sodexo, Shell, RELX Elsevier, PwC Netherlands, IBM, Dow, and Accenture, achieving scores consistently surpassing 90%.

Acknowledged as Ambassadors were organisations such as Nokia, Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn & Sport, McKinsey & Company, KLM, ING, Deloitte, Cisco, Avery Dennison, Arcadis, and Aegon N.V., which secured scores ranging from 70% to 90%.

This year’s awards represent a significant milestone in the ongoing journey towards greater inclusivity and equality for all.

Global Benchmark 2023: A Triumph of LGBTIQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace

Organisations Worldwide Recognised for Commitment to Equality and Inclusivity

Amsterdam November 03, 2023. In a celebration of commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Global Benchmark 2023 is here, applauding organisations that have shown unwavering dedication to the LGBTIQ+ cause. This year’s benchmark results, which were announced at the 10th annual Workplace Pride Impact Awards Gala, reflect the evolving landscape, where organisations are increasingly responsive to societal changes, particularly in their relationships with the LGBTIQ+ community.

Pioneering the Path to Inclusivity

The Global Benchmark for 2023 is a testament to the remarkable organisations that are not only reshaping their workplaces but also driving substantial societal transformation. Among the standout performers for 2023, we find:

Advocates: These are the organisations that have set the gold standard, achieving top-level scores, consistently surpassing 90% in the 2023 results. These top achievers, listed in reverse alphabetical order, include Unilever, Sodexo, Shell, RELX Elsevier, PwC Netherlands, IBM, Dow, and Accenture.

Ambassadors: Acknowledged for their significant achievements, these organisations secured scores ranging from 70% to 90% in the 2023 results. Notable names in this category, listed in reverse alphabetical order, include Nokia, Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn & Sport, McKinsey & Company, KLM, ING, Deloitte, Cisco, Avery Dennison, Arcadis, and Aegon N.V.

Congratulations also go to those organisations who have made the greatest strides in LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion over the past year: 

Most Improved over 2022 Global Benchmark score:

Gilead Sciences Netherlands+ Belgium +30%
Kite Pharma EU B.V.+29%
Avery Dennison+25%

A Global Symbol of Inclusion

The Global Benchmark serves as a symbol of excellence in LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion across the world. It empowers organisations with valuable data, enabling them to assess and enhance LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion within their entities, regardless of their geographical location.

Each participating organisation is provided with a comprehensive assessment of their progress, categorised into eight critical dimensions: Policy & Communication, Employee Networks, Workplace Awareness, Support & Benefits, Inclusion & Engagement, Expertise & Monitoring, Business & Supplier Engagement, and Societal Impact.

Striving for Equality

For a deeper understanding of the Global Benchmark 2023 and to explore the detailed results, readers are encouraged to consult the full press release, accessible via the button below. This year’s achievements stand as a pivotal moment in the journey toward greater inclusivity and equality for all.

The Global Benchmark 2023 is not just an award but a beacon of hope, guiding organisations toward a brighter, more inclusive future for the LGBTIQ+ community in the workplace.

Tech@Workplace Pride organise company visit to discuss “Out@Work”

On the 19th of September, Workplace Pride members were cordially invited to partake in a company visit to Eaton in Hengelo. Strategically coinciding with Coming Out Day on October 11th, the visit brought together participants from diverse tech companies for a deep discussion on the theme “Out@Work.”

Exploring Company Visits

The Tech@Workplace Pride community, as outlined in their 2023 strategic goals, has set a range of objectives. Notably, one of these objectives is to orchestrate visits to LGBTIQ+ communities within tech companies. The aim is to engage in fruitful conversations about the most effective Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) practices, while also incorporating an online participation dimension. Through these visits, Tech@Workplace Pride aspires to enhance visibility, shedding light on the remarkable diversity and inclusivity within the tech sector.

Connecting with Operational Staff

Initial steps towards achieving these goals were taken during the Workplace Pride conference on May 26th of this year. A follow-up initiative was launched during a member exchange session, seeking to bridge the gap in LGBTIQ+ inclusion between operational and office staff. The recent visit to Eaton facilitated fresh insights into efforts to align LGBTIQ+ activities with the production floor.

Journey Through the Production Floor

The visit began with an insightful “We Make PRIDE Work” introduction led by Eugén Ranft, Managing Director at Eaton Industries Netherlands B.V., and Barış Ekici, EMEA leader of the Eaton PRIDE iERG. Participants, dressed in safety gear, were divided into two groups to explore the production floor, gaining valuable insights into Eaton’s products and their dedicated creators.

Interactive Workshop: The visit culminated in an engaging workshop led by Marco Strijks, Liaison Office Diversity & Inclusion from Th!nk with PRIDE/Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and Renan Machado Cardoso, Global Inclusion and Diversity Project Lead at Eaton. The discussion revolved around three pivotal statements, seeking innovative solutions to pertinent challenges.

In Closing

“Out@Work”, organised by Tech@Workplace Pride, stood as a testament to the community’s unwavering commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion within the tech sector.

About Eaton: Eaton, an intelligent power management company, is devoted to enhancing the quality of life and safeguarding the environment worldwide.