Exploring the Human Side of AI During Transgender Awareness Week

November 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Trans+@Workplace Pride and Tech@Workplace Pride recently collaborated to host a thought-provoking event at Workplace Pride Member Google Nederland, focusing on the human side of artificial intelligence (AI) during Transgender Awareness Week.

Transgender Awareness Week, observed from November 13 to November 19, aims to enhance the visibility of transgender individuals and raise awareness about the challenges faced by this community. To contribute to this cause, Trans+@Workplace Pride and Tech@Workplace Pride organised a compelling session on the impact of AI on marginalised groups, with a special focus on the transgender community.

The event, held on November 16, brought together approximately 70 individuals in person and 95 online, eager to delve into the complexities of AI and its intersection with social issues. The theme, “The Human Side of AI,” featured distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights.

Key Speakers and Topics:

Dr. Jasmijn Bastings (she/they) – Senior Research Scientist, Google DeepMind

Dr. Jasmijn Bastings (she/they), holds a PhD and MSc in AI from the University of Amsterdam, and a BSc in AI with a linguistics minor from Utrecht University. With expertise in AI and natural language processing, Jasmijn has contributed to various areas, such as automatic translation (e.g., Joey NMT) and explainability (e.g., the Language Interpretability Tool). Jasmijn led a discussion on fostering inclusivity and gender fairness in AI, especially in language technology.

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Danny Belitz (he/him) – Senior Data Scientist and Senior Consultant for Responsible AI, IBM

As the second speaker, Danny Belitz (he/him) serves as an active advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In his role as a Senior Data Scientist and Senior Consultant for Advanced Analytics & Responsible AI at IBM, Danny shared valuable insights during the event. He emphasised a human-centred approach in technological solutions by integrating Responsible AI at the core and applying best practices from the design phase onward. With expertise in conversational design and data storytelling, Danny contributes to making AI more trustworthy, focusing on enhanced explainability, transparency, and equity.

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Marion Mulder (she/her) – FutureMaker and Digital Strategist, MuldiMedia

Marion Mulder (she/her), discussed the concept of simplifying and improving technologies for a more enjoyable and human-focused experience. Actively engaged in shaping a world aligned with her vision, Marion advocates for “Making Digital Technology Work For You.” Holding board positions at diversity organisations, including the Gaykrant and Workplace Pride (co-founder), Marion serves as a speaker on topics like GenderFreeTech, InclusiveTech, and AI ethics. In her daily work across diverse digital roles and projects, she finds joy in assisting individuals and organisations in embracing and leveraging digital technology.

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Event Highlights:

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session, addressing questions about the challenges and dangers posed by AI in our daily lives. A festive buffet provided by Google Netherlands and the Trans+ and Tech@Workplace Pride Community allowed participants to network and reflect on the insightful discussions.

Trans+@Workplace Pride and Tech@Workplace Pride extend their gratitude to the speakers, participants, and Google Netherlands for their support in making this event a success.