Second Edition / MAY 2020

It is hard to imagine how our world could have changed so quickly in such a short amount of time! As everyone comes to grips with the dramatic effects of the global pandemic, Workplace Pride decided quite quickly that our responsibility to the LGBTI community was to continue to show solidarity and keep the dialogue alive about fostering workplaces where everyone can be themselves. 

Along with our 2020 programming being re-designed to be primarily online, there are a number of other exciting developments that will ensure progress for our community in these challenging times. These include the launch of our new user-friendly website, our Employee Survey, and our United Nations LGBTI Business Standards Toolkit. These last two promise more in-depth and sustainable progress for LGBTI inclusion in the workplace during this crucial turning point in history. 

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David Pollard
Executive Director,
Workplace Pride


For an organisation like Workplace Pride which places much importance on interpersonal networking and events, the COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge. However it also presented us with a clear opportunity to commence achieving one of our long term objectives of reaching more people via online activism. Our redesigned programming for 2020 therefore includes three main elements: 

1. Keeping Members Connected :  Workplace Pride is organising live webinars leading up to the June 19th Online Symposium.  Each weekly webinar features cutting edge information about LGBTI workplace inclusion topics.

2. LGBTI Workplace Online Symposium: Our traditional International Conference will take the form of an online event on June 19th that brings our members together for around 2 hours in a virtual, conference-like setting. The symposium will feature a moderator, a number of important speakers as well as virtual breakout sessions and live networking opportunities. Registration opens soon!

3. Conference Lite: As there is no real substitute for networking face to face, Workplace Pride still intends to hold a physical gathering on the 9th of October at the World Trade center in Rotterdam, provided of course, that it is possible at that point

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Workplace Pride Launches UN LGBTI Standards Toolkit

The Workplace Pride Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of our Toolkit for the United Nations Standards of LGBTI Business Conduct. This toolkit is designed as a one-stop-shop to help organisations implement the general principles outlined in the Standards of Conduct.

It takes practical examples gathered from Workplace Pride member organisations, good practices from our Global Benchmark, as well as data from extensive interviews with practitioners to create a comprehensive guide to achieving greater LGBTI inclusion in the workplace. Read More

Amsterdam: The world’s most LGBT+ inclusive and competitive city!

Workplace Pride Foundation congratulates our member, the City of Amsterdam for scoring the highest in the Open for Business 2020 report on the world’s most competitive and inclusive LGBT+ cities. 

Open For Business, a coalition of global companies promoting LGBT+ inclusive societies, released their report today that contains a clear message for cities around the world: LGBT+ inclusion is a key ingredient in urban economic resilience and competitiveness.

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Online Symposium Details

Workplace Pride is breaking new ground!

We are very excited to bring a conference experience to a global audience with this live online event on the 19th of June.

The entire symposium will be two hours long combining great guest speakers with a fascinating and fresh approach to diving into the new decade and how to evolve our thoughts and plans for the future.

Specialised concurrent breakout sessions will be available as well as a way to customise the conference plan to meet your interests and focus. Of course there’ll be opportunities within the platform event to network just like a real-life conference!

Weekly live webinars

Although initially aimed at Workplace Pride members, the live webinars have been opened up to a broader global audience in light of the changes thrust upon us all by the impact of the global pandemic. 

Bringing guest speakers from various walks of life and business via our programs of Young@, Women@ and Tech@ as well as launching our UN Toolkit has proven invaluable in making sense of some of the many complex facets of the world we currently live and work in as LGBTI people.

The webinars are subsequently recorded and uploaded to our Workplace Pride Youtube channel and include timestamps to jump to points of interest within the presentations. Please subscribe to know immediately when our next videos are available!

Live Webinars

Workplace Pride Videos on Youtube


In keeping with the start of a new decade, Workplace Pride has completely overhauled its presence on the web. Whilst still being intrinsically Workplace Pride, we decided to streamline the home page interface whilst bringing what we can do for our members and site visitors to the forefront.

This includes a “Hot Topics” section where you’ll see news and articles from Workplace Pride but also potentially from our members and the broader LGBT community. Also, an “Activities” calendar featuring our events both actual and virtual as well as key dates and events in the local and international LGBT calendar.

These features are fluid and expanding as times change as we accrue more knowledge and deeper connections to help further our goals of helping the LGBTI community and its many facets in these uncertain times.

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In a recent conversation, someone with around 20 years of work experience, accurately mused to one of our Young@WorkplacePride Board members, “Our generation fought for basic rights; your generation expects them.” 

  • What do we expect from our workplaces? 
  • Is the use of policies and symbolism enough? Read More

Taiwan Conference News!

Due to the ongoing developments around the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Taiwan Conference has been moved to the 27th of October. We are monitoring the situation closely and will post updates on the Workplace Pride website!

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